preliminary round of the first Yunnan International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ende



On August 25th, the preliminary round of the first Yunnan International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ended successfully!

A total of 348 projects were selected into the preliminary round , and the contestants were full of talents. It is hoped that through the competition, excellent projects can be discoved   by investors and industrial experts, and the outstanding teams and talents can be found and been helped to grow and develop.

第一天 822

Day One, August 22nd


Competition Participating Teams Training and Judges Training


To help participants well prepared for the Competition, the Competition Committee provided training again on the evaluation system of the Competition and roadshow time management. The training was held both online and offline, 795 participants joined the online training.


Day Two, August 23rd


Preliminary Round Competition Day I


The preliminary round of the Competition was held online and offline, proceeded in two days with 10 divided groups. Each group was assigned with five judges. A total of 1,114 participants from 34 countries including China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, the United States, Singapore, France, and Rwanda participated.


Day Three, August 24th


Preliminary Round Competition Day II


According to the competition group and the project realms, the judge pannel of the preliminary competition was constructed by three financial institution judges and two technical judges. The financial institution judges were selected by the recommenders of domestic and foreign venture capital institutions, and the technical judges were selected by the leading enterprises inside and outside the province and technical experts and entrepreneurs in related fields. The judges marked the projects based on professionalism, applicability, and generalizability of the products and services offered, as well as the rationality of the business model and the team compositions.


Day Four August 25th


Start of the Incubation Process of the Competiton


PART 1: Yunnan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policies Introduction and Industries Overview


The seminar was held both online and offline. 773 people attended the online seminar to get to know the incubation policies and the major industries of Yunnan.


PART 2: YIIEC Investors Forum


The forum was held both online and offline. 1539 people attended the event online, local and foreign venture capital institutions and financial experts brought wonderful sharings.


This competition encouraged foreign and local young people to innovate and start businesses in Yunnan, bring excellent innovation and entrepreneurship projects to Yunnan from abroad and across China to support the development of Yunnan.