Introduction to the Focused Industries of the 2022 YIIEC

Green and Environmental Protection

We will thoroughly implement the strategy of sustainable development, continue to promote the green transformation of industrial, energy, transportation and agricultural structure, advocate green life, improve the policy system of green and low-carbon development and comprehensively promote green and low-carbon development in the economy and society. Complying with the requirements of ecological civilization construction, relying on the market and resource advantages, greatly develop the environmental protection industry, efficient energy-saving industry together with the promotion and application of new environmental protection technologies in key resource-based industries, and build an industrial chain of resource recycling in combination with the comprehensive utilization of the mineral resources, development of the urban mineral resources, R&D of the agricultural and forestry waste recycling and resource recycling technology, equipment and product manufacturing. We will develop the resource recycling industry and the advanced environmental protection industries focusing on environmental protection technology and equipment manufacturing, environmental protection application and services in combination with pollution prevention and comprehensive environmental treatment, accelerate the implementation of a series of environmental protection technology innovations and industrialization projects, develop environmental protection services and form a new growth point of the green economy in combination with improving the compensated use and trading system of emission rights.


Cultural Tourism & Healthcare

Integrate tourism and culture, promote Yunnan's "tourism revolution" and improve the quality of tourism in all aspects. Take culture as the soul and tourism as the carrier, utilize science and technology to enrich the connotation of tourism, cultivate new forms of tourism and foster its new advantages. Give full play to the benefits of ecological and traditional Chinese medicine resources and the regional advantages of our province, take improving the service level as the core, accelerate the formation of a long-term mechanism in promoting healthy life, optimizing healthcare services, improving the guarantee of health, building a healthy environment and developing healthcare industry. Promote the integration of medical treatment and health preservation, develop the health preservation industry; promote the integration of , develop the health tourism industry; promote the integration of the Internet and health, develop a smart health industry; promote the integration of highland sports and healthy lifestyle, develop fitness and leisure industry; promote the integration of finance and health, develop health insurance industry and promote the high-quality development of medical services.


Digital Yunnan

Seize the major historical opportunity of digital economy development, follow the development ideas of resource digitization, digital industrialization, industrial digitization and digital governance, take the scenario as the entry point, use "digits" to empower the economy, improve the quality of development and increase efficiency in governance, construct Yunnan into a new highland of China's digital economy development and comprehensively promote the digital transformation of economy and society in our province.


New Materials

Explore and develop new material industries focusing on new special materials of basic metals, new materials of rare and precious metals, materials of new energy resources and new chemical materials, greatly improve the independent development capacity of new materials and form an industrial pattern with special resources and high-tech products as the leader, deep processing and production of colored metals as the foundation, large enterprise and industrial clusters as the support, upstream, middle and downstream supporting facilities and advantageous industries as the goal.



New Energy Resources

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is developing in-depth. Global Climate Governance presents a new situation. New energy and information technology are closely integrated. The shift of production and lifestyle to low-carbon and intelligent is accelerated. The energy system and development model are entering a new stage dominated by non-fossil energy. Accelerating the construction of a modern energy system is not only the internal requirement to ensure national energy security and strive to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization on schedule, but also an important support to promote high-quality economic and social development. The development of wind power new energy industry has also ushered in a new period of historical opportunities. Overall, Yunnan Province is rich in wind and light resources and has great development potential.



Yunnan will focus on three key areas: biotechnology drugs, modern traditional Chinese medicine and healthcare products. The government will focus on precise investment attraction, strengthening the main body of enterprises, improving innovation ability, building industrial clusters, and promoting industrial development with engineering measures, so as to build a domestic first-class R&D and production base of biological vaccines and modern traditional Chinese medicine, a domestic raw material base of the best natural drugs and healthcare products, a biomedical trade base for South and Southeast Asia, and form an industrial agglomeration area with great influence in the country, in order for the high-quality development of Yunnan biomedical industry to be achieved. Focusing on biotechnology drugs, modern traditional Chinese medicine and chemical drugs, building and improving a number of public R&D and service platforms, breakthrough a number of key core technologies and developing a number of competitive innovative products.


Advanced Equipment Manufacturing

Focusing on informatization, intelligentization and automation, we will accelerate the development of new energy vehicles and passenger vehicles, encourage the transformation and upgrading of existing automobile enterprises, develop supporting auto parts, and build an automobile industry chain with sales revenue of more than 100 billion yuan. Accelerate the development of CNC machine tools, complete sets of automatic logistics equipment, rail transit equipment, railway maintenance equipment, electric power and new energy equipment, heavy chemical mining and metallurgy equipment, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, general aviation equipment and other advanced equipment, and cultivate and develop intelligent equipment such as the robot and 3D printing.


Highland Featured Agriculture

Modern highland-featured agriculture is an important part of the modern industrial system in Yunnan. It is essential to promote the appropriate operation of agricultural industries, cultivate and expand new agricultural business entities, strengthen the support and guarantee of agricultural elements, and stimulate the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. Based on ensuring an effective supply of grain and other major agricultural products, we should focus on making a special "green food brand", deeply promote the structural reform of agricultural supply, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry, constantly boost the level of agricultural modernization, strengthen agricultural scientific and technological innovation, enhance the level of mechanized equipment, accelerate the development of digital agriculture, and strengthen international and domestic agricultural scientific and technological cooperation.